About Us

Our Vision

Welcome to the Sydney University Calligraphy Society!

The Sydney University Calligraphy Society is dedicated to the art of Calligraphy. If you like watching people write fancy, then come and join us to watch and see it happen! Or, if you have fancy writing yourself, then come along and share it! We provide ink, paper and brush to suit your calligraphic needs. Our events include workshops, performances and competitions.
Our society is dedicated to the promotion and practice of calligraphy – forms of art associated with writing and type. Calligraphy has been integral to the cultures of many great civilisations since the invention of writing itself and we hope to bring the elegance of calligraphy and typography to Sydney University.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, a legendary master or anything in between, your are encouraged to join this group for updates or come to our practical workshops on campus!

In our workshops, we run hands-on calligraphy activities where we can all share and learn Chinese calligraphy, Western calligraphy and maybe even other styles. Regardless of style or taste, everyone at usyd is free to come along!